Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Third Birth Mom changed her mind again

You can look back in our blog and find our July 09 failed placement, what a mess that was. It was pure heartache. Luckily Reagan came into our lives and that heartache melted away. Sunday night we get a text from that July birth mom saying she wants to place her baby. WOW! Didnt expect that one. The baby is now about 3 months old and she has realized she really cant do it on her own. It is a weird feeling knowing that we can not adopt that baby. Being the adoptive parents that were there for the birth and now someone else is going to be adopting her is very strange. But at the same time I am so grateful because we wouldnt have Reagan if she had decided to place back in July. Like I said it is such a weird feeling. The birth mom and I are texting each other, I feel as though we have a bond and we are drawn to each other. I am glad she is making the decision that is best for her baby girl. I cant imagine how hard that decision is now. This absolutely reminds me that god does things for a reason, if she had made this decision in September we wouldnt have our Reagan now. I just think it is amazing how things work out the way they are supposed to.


  1. Oh my, I've never heard of that happening before. I'm sure the family that baby is meant to be with is out there somewhere and I do believe that Reagan was the baby meant for you, even though when this all happened back in July, you wouldn't have believed it. I pray that this birthmom can find peace in her decision and does what is best with that precious baby girl. I'd love to hear updates if she continues to contact you. Take care.
    Mom to Kaden 17 months and Madison 2 months (H2H)

  2. Actually I know a family that had this happen and they brought the baby home. Actually it was twins so now they have 3 with only 2 months between them. Amazing story.

    Always nice to see God's hands on our children's lives. Hoping she finds the right family for her baby.